Robert Akin


Student Support, P.E. Instructor,


I was born and reared in Hazlehurst, MS, as the middle child of three boys.  My parents made sure we were brought up hearing about Jesus Christ through weekly church attendance and mid-week youth activities.  I played every sport that was available to me in my youth and still enjoy playing soccer, baseball, golf and tennis when time allows.  I play hand percussion weekly for Redeemer’s Youth Group worship, and help lead junior high students in small group discussions and during Sunday school.  I enjoy hanging out with my wife and 2 year-old son in my free time, with an occasional “man-date” at our local donut shop.  If it weren’t for my wife encouraging healthy eating habits on a regular basis, I would attempt to survive on cereal and coffee, with an occasional pizza for any of the three main meals.


Growing up I did not have a consistent person who was both present and willing to speak the truth of the Gospel into many difficult circumstances I experienced.  From the time that God brought me out of a dark period in my life, I have worked toward being the person that I needed in my youth.  I believe that God has called me to The Redeemer’s School to continue this work by engaging each student with compassion and love as they try to make sense of the brokenness that surrounds them at home, at school and in society at-large.  I don’t have all the answers, but I have seen the impact that can take place if we are willing to sit with, listen to, cry with, rejoice with and encourage the youth of today on a regular basis.


It is my greatest hope that each child will begin to live in the reality that they have great dignity and worth as children of an Almighty God.  I hope and pray that as they learn and grow in the classroom setting, they will also develop positive social skills and emotional health.  Each child comes to The Redeemer’s School with a story to tell that is wholly unique… their own.  It is my hope that each student here will come to understand their role in the grand story of redemption, and learn to use their voice to impact the world around them for the good.  As a staff member here at TRS, I take great pride in walking alongside these children as they work through the ups and downs of a life that is marred by sin and struggle.  I hope that each student finds the tools they need to grow into strong men and women of the faith, who excel in the classroom, the work force, and impact their communities in a mighty way that honors our Redeemer.