Here at The Redeemer’s School, we make academic excellence a priority. Our passionate and engaging faculty walk along side our students as they facilitate a learning experience grounded in producing eager and engaged learners. Our classes are structured around the fact that students learn best by doing and that they will succeed when given multiple opportunities to do so. From the structuring of our school-day schedule to the curriculum and educational resources chosen to be taught in our classes, we seek to create a learning environment that allows our students to be academically successful for years to come. 

Our students will gain the foundational skills needed to master and apply advanced mathematics concepts. Through processes geared towards students unlocking concepts with problem solving and discovery, our faculty will guide our students from abstract and theoretical knowledge to concrete understanding. A variety of instructional strategies coupled with opportunities to learn using pictures and hand-on manipulative, creates a classroom environment where students can learn and thrive.

Our science and social studies programs are centered on giving students real life experiences and examples to help them understand their surroundings in both a scientific and historical sense. Our science program is based off an experimental approach that allows students to individually investigate and test scientific principles and concepts. Students are introduced to the three main areas of science: life, physical, and earth and space. Our students explore and navigate these areas through questioning and testing. For social studies, we connect lines across our curriculum to highlight the traits and experiences that shape us. This may in one instance be us highlighting the background and cultural distinctives of a character we are studying, while in another instance we may highlight traits such as “justice” and “honesty” to study as a class. Our hope is for our students to understand their community and surroundings to the end of positively and effectively engaging them.

Students at The Redeemer’s School will receive language arts instruction grounded in developing eager, fluent, and engaged readers. Our reading instruction will lay a strong foundation in phonics and phonemic awareness while incorporating fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension into instruction. Student’s access and interactions with books will be key as we mold learners who are passionate about reading and can use these skills to excel academically.

Here at The Redeemer’s School we believe that we are not only preparing students to engage and lead in our local and global communities, but we also believe that the beginning of all knowledge, truth, and good work in this world are the truths revealed to us in Scripture. We start by introducing our students to the God of the Bible while instructing them on how the whole of Scripture is pointing to the Redemptive work of Christ. Our students will not only be equipped with knowledge of the foundations of the Christian faith, but they will also learn how these views, and varying views shape the realities of those who hold them.

While we place a high value on our students’ training and academic achievement in their core academic classes, we also place a special emphasis on our school’s extra-curricular program. We believe that exposure to a variety of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities not only gives added value to our students in providing for varied outlets and experiences for students to express themselves, but we also believe such experiences enrich and complement our academic program. Our students will regularly participate in art, music, and dance classes as we continue to look for opportunities to engage our students and to put them in positions to be successful.