Our Story

Since the beginning of Redeemer Church, PCA in Jackson, Mississippi, Pastor Mike Campbell longed for the church to be involved in starting an Urban Christian School. In fact, within a few years of Redeemer becoming a particular church, a long range planning committee was established for the purpose of discussing various projects, one of which was the opening of such a school. The school ended up being placed on the back-burner due to a lack of facilities and start up funding, but remained as a part of the church’s long-term vision.

While we had resigned ourselves to the fact that this ministry would have to come to fruition at a much later date, God had other plans. Due to an unexpected gift to the church, we were able to initiate the process of forming a School Steering Committee and to work towards the goal of opening the school in the fall of 2014. In January 2014, DeSean Dyson was appointed as the inaugural Head of School for The Redeemer’s School, and the school’s first students began enrolling the following Spring for K-4, K-5, and 1st grade classes.

The Redeemer’s School was founded on a strong commitment to  providing an academically excellent Christian education and environment, thus preparing children through the Christian world and life view for future leadership and service in the city of Jackson and beyond. Throughout the process of this ministry transitioning from being a desire of our founding pastor, to the institution that God has graciously gifted us with today, God’s love, grace, and providence has affirmed our calling to this work. It is our prayer, that God will be glorified as He continues to lead those whom he has called to be a part of The Redeemer’s School.