One of our key verses at The Redeemer’s School is Luke 2:52 which says “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” Through this scripture, we learn that part of God’s plan and process for Jesus’s life included the development of his mind! This biblical truth reinforces the importance of The Redeemer’s School, a ministry of Redeemer Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

We know that many children growing up in Jackson face significant struggles. In the annual “Kids Count” report, The Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked Mississippi 50th out of 50 states in “Child Well-Being”, 49th for economic well-being, 47th in education, 49th in health, and 50th in family and community. These don’t represent small aspects of these children’s lives where they struggle, but complex systems that exist and are often a detriment to those who are the most vulnerable.

These issues are not only realized in the lives of children growing up in Jackson, but they are often compounded by the pressures and struggles of urban living. Here in Jackson, even the brightest and most capable children have diminished odds of success. They struggle through inadequate resources and systems that can in many instances hurt them more than they help them.  These societal blockades ignite within our communities a desire to see our children thrive; however, these yearnings are often frustrated by reality.

At The Redeemer’s School, we don’t minimize the tough realities faced by many of our students. In fact, we embrace a calling to view our students’ diverse backgrounds and unique struggles as an opportunity to see the truths of the gospel applied in ways that help us to affirm value and purpose in their lives.  Through our Christ-centered environment, TRS holistically aims to address the needs of children and their families in a way that only the gospel can.

In addition to developing children with spirit filled hearts, we also feel a dire calling to equip them for lives of leadership and service.  Our students receive an exceptional academic education from instructors who guide with love, firmness, and creativity. Our highly motivated and qualified staff creates a system of passionate professionals who through faithful ministry and best practice desire to see lives changed. Our hope is that these passions and tools would form a help and support around our families that not only gives glory to God for his provision and calling but would allow us to see hearts and communities changed from the inside out.

Here at TRS, we value the process of watching our students learn and grow today, but we anticipate a much greater work to be done. Our greatest hope lies in how we believe the spirit of God will be at work through our ministry. We know that even community restoration is only a glimpse of a greater restoration to come. Our failing systems and dilapidated buildings are only vestiges of a larger broken world. In longing to restore these things, we are longing to see new life and healing such as we’ve experienced in Christ.  This redeeming hope even impacts the long-term desires we have for our students. As much as we desire to see competent educators and doctors, we desire to see faithful husbands and wives. We not only desire to see leaders in movements and organizations but faithful voices and presences in their households and communities. Our prayer is that we will not only see the city of Jackson change but that the ministry done at our school will make ripples throughout eternity.

By: DeSean Dyson, Head of School