Hello! My name is Jewell Hillery. After an exciting six years working as a reporter and anchor for WLBT, I’m enthused to say I now work as the Director of Development and Marketing for The Redeemer’s School. Although I have attended Redeemer Church for six years, I am brand new to TRS. I was impressed with this hidden treasure, aka The Redeemer’s School, before I even stepped foot in the door on my first day! I walked up to Mr. Dyson, The Head of School, who was greeting children with a handshake and telling all of the students and parents “good morning,” with a big smile! The students then walked into the school and were welcomed by a teacher. The children are greeted this way every morning. Maybe you’re wondering why a simple handshake and morning greeting caught my attention. Well, I suppose it’s simply because I’ve never seen this type of interaction (even though it is basic) established as a routine in a school. Not to say that it doesn’t happen anywhere else, but I haven’t seen it.

While technological communication seems to rule in today’s society, children and adults need to become comfortable speaking to others and shaking hands. In addition to introducing children to societal norms, the daily morning handshakes also illustrate love for the children. Years down the line I believe the children will remember Mr. Dyson and the many others who took time out of their morning to invite them to school each day.

After students enter the school and have a morning snack they learn about the Lord (learning about God is ongoing throughout the day). Chapel with Mr. Zack is every Monday and Mr. Dyson leads a devotional time during the rest of the week. It’s beautiful to see that at such a young age children are learning that Christ comes first.

This shouldn’t be hard to believe, but the love of Christ blankets my new co-workers! TRS is filled with teachers and staff who love the Lord. Their love pours out to the children and families and it has certainly already been showered on me. In fact, on my first day one of the teachers asked if she could pray for me. Of course, I accepted her offer. I am so grateful for the new environment I am blessed to work in and am excited about how TRS is changing lives for the Kingdom in Jackson.

By: Jewell Hillery, Director of Development and Marketing